Dedicated to horse health and wellness. Using technology-driven solutions to monitor your horses' daily behavior, providing you with data insights.

Our Product


Water Monitoring System

Stablesense is bringing technology-driven solutions to the stable environment, advancing horsemanship by improving the communication with our horses and our care for them. Stablesense’s premier product is a cloud connected device that monitors water intake, analyzes the horse’s normal drinking behavior, and sends alerts when it detects that there might be a serious problem with the horse. The device attaches to a regular water bucket and sends alerts to a mobile application, allowing horse owners, barn managers, and trainers to track and analyze their horses’ water consumption anywhere.


Water consumption is an early indicator for many common equine health problems. Colic, which includes many complex digestive issues, is the leading cause of equine fatality. A horse that has stopped drinking water may be prone to colic or may already be colicing. Catching colic early is vital to treatment.

Stablesense is using technology-driven solutions to advance the care of horses and contribute global data to the academic study of horses to improve our understanding and care for horses. Our device witll provide much needed data for horse health management.


Stablesense is currently in the prototyping and testing stage at Rev: Ithaca Start Up works, a member of the Southern Tier Startup Alliance. Stablesense has previously been a member of the following accelerators: the Hardware Accelerator at Rev, Cornell ELab, and BGIN.

The Team

Caitlin Parrucci

Founder & CEO

Over 15 years of Equestrian experience and Mechanical Engineering Background

Gautham Sezhian

Software Developer

Computer Science & Chemical Engineering Background

Michael Welte

Software Developer

David Gu

Software Developer

GUI & Full-Stack Web Development

Product Development

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